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Monday 12/07/2015
The show is on schedule.

Right arrow It's showtime! 12/5/2015
After a long year of working on our home, the lights are up and running with a new mega trees.
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Listen to the lights!

Our favorite station:
Tune to 92.9FM to enjoy the music during our shows.

We support the
Fredericksburg Area Food Bank

Q: How many lights do you have?
A: For 2010 our display consists of approximately 35000 lights. The lights include many LED's and regular holiday lights.

Q: How do the lights work independant of each other?
A: Each strand of light or group of lights are connected to seperate channels on the light controllers.

Q: That must take alot of extension cords?
A: I don't have a solid count yet, but I estimate 200+ extension cords with a total length of about 5500 feet.

Q: Do you use special lights?
A: No, the lights are normal light strands and LED strands that you can purchase at the store.

Q: How do you make the lights do that?
A: The lights are controlled by Light-O-Rama professional light controllers.

Q: How many channels on the light controllers?
A: In 2010 we upgraded our system. Today we use over 256 channels. We are thinking of upgrading again next year.

Q: How do you know what song is next on the radio?
A: How? Well, we run the radio station! We use a localized FM transmitter set to 92.9FM for everyone to listen to the music. The music is generated by the computer.

Q: How does it all work?
A: Magic... Technological magic that is. We run the controllers using a normal PC and specialized software included with the controllers from Ligh-O-Rama. They are networked together and receive commands from the PC telling it what to do.

Q: How long did it take to put it all together?
A: This year it took just over a month to get everything setup and working. It's our third year.

Q: Doesn't your electic bill cost alot?
A: Due to efficient LED's no it's not bad, besides, who's counting during this joyous season?

Q: How do you make the lights dance to a song?
A: Each light string/group is painstakingly synchronized to each song. Some songs take longer than others depending on complexity. Some songs took just a couple of hours to create and others took days and weeks to accomplish.

Q: Aren't you tired of the songs?
A: Well, sorta, but not really. It's been a fun and rewarding holiday season and I love the songs we've selected. Look for a special song to be added on Christmas Eve!

Q: Is Santa real?
A: Of course Santa is real. But, the one we have at our house was going to be one of our kids dressed up, but they didn't like that idea, so we have an animatronic Santa standing in for them. I guess he doesn't mind the cold to much!

Q: What if it rains? Do you still run the show?
A: Well, if it rains, Santa delivers coal to the weather people, then we decide how much is is raining and if it is safe to run the show. Check our home page for daily weather updates and show notifications.

Q: What's the donation thing about?
A: We want to help those who need assistance this year. We selected the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank. Over the past two years we have collected nearly 800 pounds of food for FredFood and we hope to deliver even more in 2009!

Q: How can I help?
A: Bring a non-perishable food item and drop it in the box out front. Thanks.

Q: Why do you do this?
A: For the smiles!

Q: No, really, why do you do this?
A: Really! For all the smiles on all the kids, little and big!

Additional information:

The lights are computer controlled using Light-O-Rama lighting controllers and a computer network.

Each song is painstakingly sequenced to the music. Sequencing a song can take as little as an hour or it could take many weeks depending on the complexity of the song, number of controllers and how we want the lights to respond to the music.

Electricity bill is lower than you would think because of a couple reasons.
  1. Most of the lights are efficient LEDs.
  2. Rarely are all the lights on at the same time or at full intensity.

If there is bad weather, we will decide whether or not to run the show that day. A light rain or snow doesn't hurt much, but electricity and water just don't mix.

Are there other places to see lights like this? Yes there are. Check our "Other Light Sites" and search the internet. There are many videos of people putting on light shows just like us.

We have security cameras watching to insure the safety of the viewers and our decorations.
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